August 30, 2010

My birthday celebration @ Four Season Restaurant

Yesterday was my birthday. My hubby gives me a birthday suprise at Four Season Restaurant. He ordered a birthday cake for me and here it is.  This restaurant located at Wangsa Maju opposite Wangsamaju Walk Shopping Mall. (I think so lah) This restaurant serves four types of food ie Autumn, Summer, Winter & Spring. Even the seats they also named this four season. I think you all should go there and try. They serves halal food.

Birthday Cake ordered at Four Seasons Restaurant. Emmm.. very yummy

Rachel & Cheryl enjoying their spaghetti. Spaghetti Seafood and Spaghetti With Lemongrass Chicken.

This claypot curry chicken ordered my daughter. Not so nice...very spicy. But those who love spicy, should order this one.

This is Black Pepper Chicken Chop which I ordered.

My niece Rachel and my youngest, Cheryl

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